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Pokemon Universe 1.1.4 is out now!

  • Fixed typos and some bugs

Pokemon Universe 1.1.3 is out now!

  • Fixed typos and some bugs
  • Pre-download data fore later version

Pokemon Universe 1.1.2 is out now!

  • Fixed typos and some bugs

Pokemon Universe 1.1.1 is out now!

  • Fixed typos and some bugs

Pokemon Universe 1.1.0 is out now!

  • Sscond and third Gym available

  • Route: 10
  • Town: 9
  • Gym: 3

Pokemon Universe 1.0.2 is out now!

  • New UI (Message Box, Party Screen, Save Screen, and more...)
  • Better Story Content
  • Fixed typos and some bugs

Pokemon Universe 1.0.1 is out now!

  • Fixed typos and some bugs

Pokemon Universe 1.0 is out now!

  • Champion Red vs Champion Gold fight
  • The story after Championship
  • Choose your character
  • Choose your Starters.
  • Begin your story

  • Route: 2
  • Town: 3
  • Gym: 1


Make sure you also download the fonts if you are the first time to play Pokemon Universe.

Pokemon Universe v 1.1.0 (In-game Update to 1.1.4)

In-game update only. No new installer upload.

Pokemon Universe Fonts

Please download the fonts if you are the first time to play Pokemon Universe.

Updata History

Pokemon Universe v 1.1.4


Pokemon Universe v 1.1.3


Pokemon Universe v 1.1.2


Pokemon Universe v 1.1.1


Pokemon Universe v 1.1.0


Pokemon Universe v 1.0.2


Pokemon Universe Demo (Final Version)


Pokemon Universe v 1.0.1


Pokemon Universe v 1.0


Pokemon Universe Demo


About Game

Pokemon World History:

  • PokeYear 1995:
    Samuel Oak led some Pokemon scientists to sort out
    Pokemon into a data list (which became PokeDex later)

  • PokeYear 1997:
    A kid, Red, started his adventure in Pallet Town

  • PokeYear 1998:
    Trainer Red became the Campion of Kanto Region

  • PokeYear 1999:
    A kid, Ethan, started his adventure in Twinleaf Town

  • PokeYear 2000:
    More and more people became trainer by Red and Ethan's influences

  • PokeYear 2007:
    The biggest Campionship Show held in Kanto Pokemon League
    And, two 8-year-old kids watched that show

  • PokeYear 2008:
    Campion Red disappeared with no reason

  • PokeYear 2009~2016:
    Not only Campion Red disappeared
    but more and more top trainers and champion also dissappeared

  • PokeYear 2017:
    You as 18-year-old teenagers start your own adventure in Root Town to explore Senzo Region


Your dream is to be a Pokemon Master, and your cousin Tucana (when you play as Male character) or Scutum (when you play as Female character) wants to be the Pokemon Collectors. As both of you reach age of 18, you apply for Senzo Championship. Your rival Ursa apply for Senzo Championship. Therefore, you three are going to start your own adventure...


  • New Variant Pokemon (Black Blood Mode Pokemon)  (Removed)
  • New Regional PokeDex
  • Full Custom Region with 30+ cities and towns (Senzo Region)  (Unfinished)
  • 12 Gyms + 4 Pokemon Trials + Senzo Championship  (Unfinished)
  • New Evil Team and few organizations
  • Many in-game Puzzles  (Unfinished)
  • New Background Music  (Unfinished)
  • Cool User Visual Interface
  • A deep story to play through  (Unfinished)
  • Pokemon World Tournament  (Unfinished)
  • Side Quests System
  • And more to come...



There are some screenshots for "Pokemon Universe -Across Time and Space-".

Credits And Thanks

For those who help on this project

Pokemon Universe


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Keh-ven      Maxewenx      Kyledove
New Titeuf      PokeOverworldSpriter      RetroGameZone
Luka S.J.      PhoenixOfLight92      Cuddlesthefatcat
sverre712      Alistair      DestinedHero
The-Godlings-Rapture      Amethyst      Jan
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Smeargletail      Alex      Noscium
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Kal!ser      Alistair      Rubire4
Cope      Erma96      FM
Javs      Kymotonian      Pey!
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ThunderDove      Warox1994      LilaTraube
PokemonEclipse      Gallanty      SailorVicious
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Zeo      Magiscarf      TyranitarDark
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Luka S.J.

M3rein      Klein Studio
Maruno      shiney570
FL      AceRidley406
PinkCatDragon      Jonas930

Everyone else who helped out



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Pokemon Universe Discord

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